Eleventh He Reaches London
Eleventh He Reaches London
Orgin Perth
Genres Progressive Rock, Post-Hardcore
Years Active 2002-Present
Country of origin Australia
Labels Hobbledehoy, Good Cop Bad Cop
Associated Acts Rachael Dease, Foxes, Only Hope
Official website http://eleventhhereacheslondon.bandcamp.com/

As far as Eleventh He Reaches London is concerned, distance makes the heart grow thwarted and dark rather than fonder. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia; a vast area of land separated from the rest of the country by an expanse of desert. This isolation has afforded Eleventh the luxury of growing organically, independent of the clich├ęs and trends often present in larger communities.


Ian - vocals/guitar
Jayden - guitar/vocals
Jeremy - guitar/vocals
Luke - bass
Mark - drums


Diving For Treacher (2003)
The Good Fight For Harmony (2005, Good Cop Bad Cop)
Hollow Be My Name (2005, Good Cop Bad Cop)

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