Encourage Records
Encourage Records
Founded 2016
Founder Falcos Panagiotis
Genre Big Room, Electro House
Country of origin Greece
Location Thessaloniki
Official website http://www.alvedamusic.com

Encourage Records launched in 2016, focusing on high quality Electronic Dance Music. Encourage is a high development greek label operated by Alveda Music Group, working with various plans on licensing and management partnerships. Supported by various producers, singers and managers around the world in order to create a large catalog with some amazing progressive house tracks.


Started under the management of Falcos Panagiotis in order host more Big Room and Electro House tracks.


  • A4400110716 - Austin Garber - Katari - 2017
  • A4400110688 - Gordon's Deejays - Visions - 2017
  • A4400110681 - Thunderwave - Individual - 2017
  • A4400110666 - DoubleBeats - Nightingale - 2017

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