Enoch Ardon
Enoch Ardon
Orgin Spain
Genres Screamo
Years Active 2005 - Present
Country of origin Spain
Labels Existencia
Associated Acts Anevilforeachman, Ciudad del Cabo, Sworn To The King
Official website enochardon.bandcamp.com , facebook.com/EnochArdon

Enoch Ardon was a chaotic screamo band from Spain. They play a mid-90's style of screamo/hardcore in the vein of Orchid. Chaotic, fast, awesome! What's not to dig? Spanish Orchid. Spazzy. Dig! Below is their demo 7" which was first released on tape, their Self Titled LP, and a song they had on the Emo Apocalypse Comp. LP. Dig it hard!


Demo 7"
Enoch Ardon 12"

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