Orgin Sapporo City
Genres Experimental, Progressive, Hardcore
Years Active 2008 - Present
Country of origin Japan
Labels Falling Leaves Records
Associated Acts Taken, Mikoto, Classic Case, In: Aviate, No Bragging Rights, Earth Crisis, Bane, Silent Drive, Throwdown, Shai Hulud, Horse The Band, Scape Goat, Bold, Bringin It Down, First Blood, Arkangel, Abhinanda, Piano,Evergreem Terrace, Across Five Aprils, Funeral Diner, Portraits Of Past, Hollow Jan, Fact, Nature Living, Lost, Kamomekamome, Brahman, Slang, Cocobat
Official website http://www.purevolume.com/evylock

evylock (EVerY Life On Cold Keen) is 5-piece emotional hardcore band from Sapporo City.
They released some sound source from Falling Leaves Records and other labels.
evylock is the band who tries to play as much shows as possible, play to energetic.


Koki-Vocal, Onomichi-Guitar, Hanzawa-Guitar, In-k-Bass, Ace-Drum


Hardcore Ball 8
Into The North
A Decade In Three Ways

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