Orgin Perth
Genres Hardcore, Powerviolence
Years Active 2005- Present
Country of origin Australia
Labels Eerie Stratum, Deep Six Records, Hate Ape Productions, Distort Records, Regurgitated Semen Records, Fifth Column, Stained Circles, Way Back When Records, Short Fuse Records, Coffin Cut Records, Coughin' Cut Records, Resist Records, Usa e Getta Records, Nerdcore Records
Associated Acts

Abhorrence ||

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Perth, Australia's Extortion have been cranking out relentless powerviolence infused hardcore punk since their 2005 demo was dropped. These guys don't fuck around. Here's some frantic and utterly pissed off hardcore that's impressively intense and chock-full of dirty powerchords, fuzzed-out bass, unstoppable drums and gnarly raging vocals. These guys are simply insane and can definitely give a lesson on how to keep hardcore/powerviolence original. Below is everything I could find from these maniacs. Snag, indulge, dig, repeat…DIG!


Demo (2005)
Extortion (2005, Eerie Stratum)
Degenerate (2006, Deep Six Records))
Control (2007, Deep Six Records))
Sick (2007, Deep Six Records)
Extortion VS The Orupturetans split (2008, Hate Ape Productions)
Extortion VS Agents of Abhorrence split (2008, Deep Six Records)
Extortion VS Jed Whitey split (2009, Distort Records)
Extortion VS Septic Surge split (2009, Regurgitated Semen Records)
Terminal Cancer (2009)
Extortion VS Complete Exposition split (2010, Regurgitated Semen Records)
Loose Screws (2010, Deep Six Records/Resist Records)
Get Fucked (2011, Regurgitated Semen Records)
Extortion VS Cold World split (2012, Regurgitated Semen Records)

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