Four Hundred Years
Four Hundred Years
Orgin Tucson, Arizona
Genres Emo/Hardcore
Years Active 1997-2000
Country of origin United States of America
Labels The Great American Steak Religion, Yuletide, Rosepetal, Smoothlips Records, Whirled Records, Lovitt Records, The Smith And Nephew Company
Associated Acts Groundwork, Sleepytime Trio, Seein' Red
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Four Hundred Years were not merely a band, but a phenomenon. A force of emo/hardcore intensity that began in Tucson, Arizona, following the end of Groundwork, they eventually migrated to Richmond, Virginia. Four Hundred Years amassed a large, frenzied, and rabid audience. Intelligent and intricate with a perfect blend of melody and dissonance in all the right places, Four Hundred Years had unparalleled abilities to captivate their listeners and turn them loose on an unsuspecting music world. Alternative Press noted, "Combined with the weight of their political views, the tension of Four Hundred Years' music is simultaneously a catharsis and a call to arms."
Four Hundred Years toured Europe, Japan, and America numerous times and played with such notables as Fugazi, Frodus, Sleepytime Trio, and many more. Upon the completion of recording The New Imperialism, their third full-length, they played four final shows on the east coast and disbanded.
Four Hundred Years was originally Ash (drums), Dave (guitar), Erin (bass), and Daron (guitar). Their second and final line-up was Ash (drums) Dave, Bull (bass, formerly of Policy of Three and Montag), and Daron. Currently, Daron and Ash are working together in a project named Delegate.




Suture (1997, The Great American Steak Religion)
Signal (1007, Yuletide/Rosepetal)
Four Hundred Years VS Sleepytime Trio split (1997, Smoothlips Records)
Sequence on The ABC's of Punk (1997, Whirled Records)
Transmit Failure (1998, Lovitt Records)
Suture and Other Songs (1999, Lovitt Records)
Four Hundred Years VS Seein' Red split (2000, The Smith and Nephew Company)
The New Imperialism (2000, Lovitt Records)

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