Fuck The Facts
Fuck the Facts
Orgin Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada
Genres Horrible
Years Active 2001 - Present
Country of origin Canada
Labels Relapse Records
Associated Acts Leng Tch'e
Official website http://fuckthefacts.bandcamp.com/

It's a really long and boring story that involves a bunch of name dropping. We'll spare you. Stuff Happened. Imagine you had a band that wrote, played and recorded music that you liked. Now imagine that we did that. Now imagine that you had to write a description about your band and the only thing you could think of writing was to ask people to imagine what that would be like.


Topon Das
Melanie Mongeon
Mathieu Vilandré
Marc Bourgon
Johnny Ibay


Mullet Fever (2001)
Backstabber Etiquette (2003)
Split Collection 2002-2004 (2004)
Legacy of Hopelessness (2005)
The Wreaking (2005)
Stigmata High-Five (2006)
Disgorge Mexico (2008)
Fuck the Facts VS Leng Tch'e split (2008)
Live in Whitby (2009)
Unnamed (2010)
Misery (2011)
Die Miserable (2011)

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