Funeral Diner

Funeral Diner formed in 1998 in Half Moon Bay, CA and currently lives in San Francisco. They would probably describe their band as “screamy, chaotic, melodic hardcore” but would prefer to just let the music speak for itself. They’ve released a ton of records, including multiple split LP’s and 7”s, 2002’s Difference Of Potential full-length, and The Wicked EP, recently re-released on Alone Records. They’ve also been graced with the amazing opportunity to tour the US and Europe multiple times, as well as Japan. The new Funeral Diner album is called The Underdark. The songs were written specifically for the album, as opposed to simply being a collection of unrelated material; with the hope that the finished product would have a more cohesive feel throughout. Musically, it’s more spread out, with longer songs and some new sounds, combined with the usual abrasive, screaming assault. The lyrics address the contradictions and personal conflicts that arise from living within a society in decline. In spring of 2005, Funeral Diner toured for three and a half months, across the US, Europe, and Japan.


Seth Babb: vocals
Dan Bajda: guitar/vocals
Matthew Bajda: drums
Dave Mello: guitar
Ben Steidel: bass


Funeral Diner VS Nexus Six split (1999, Old Glory)
Funeral Diner VS Staircase split (2001, Ape Must Not Kill Ape)
Funeral Diner VS The Shivering split (2001, Into the Hurricane/Unfun/City Boot)
Funeral Diner VS Zann split (2002, Vendetta)
DIFFERENCE OF POTENTIAL (2002/2003, Ape Must Not Kill Ape)
Direct Hit
There Is No Today's Today, So There Will Be No Yesterday's Tomorrow
I Wish I Could Do The Backstroke
Chalk angels
Fire… Deth
Lucky strike
I wish i could do the backstroke
Choirs And Cannons
Direct Hit
Easy Chair Method
Torn Safety Net
Anemic Bulemic
Sleeping Boy The Paranoid
My Fist Smells Like Graveyard
We Don't Belong In Concrete
The Nightbuilders
Sleeping Boy The Paranoid
Sleeping Boy The Paranoid (original version)
Pharmacy Rage
Funeral Diner VS Dead City (2003, So Much to Give)
…IS DEAD (2003, Sorry)
Yeah, You Remember That
A true Triumph Of Man Vs. Machine
Welcome To My Book Collection
Wearing Thin
City Of Webs
This Truly Is God's Country
Let Me Get A Few Practice Stabs
THE WICKED (2002/2004, Sorry/Alone)
…And The Beast Shall Be Made Legion
The Wicked
End On 6
It Burns
Swept Under (10", 500, ??/05, Lilac Sky; CD, ???, ??/05, Cosmic Note)
Bearing My Shield Or Borne Upon My Shield
Never To Be
For The Beasts
City Of Webs (Title Mix)
Shifting (Battery Cage "Street Arcade High Score" Remix)
This Truly Is God's Country (See Colin Slash Mix)
Shifting (Midnight Laserbeam Remix)
Shifting (Black Van Remix)
Funeral Diner VS The Saddest Landscape split (2003, Firewalk With Me)
A Sequel of a Story Funeral Diner VS End on End VS Under a Dying Sun VS Endzweck 4-Way split (2003/2004, Cosmic Note)
Funeral Diner VS Raein split (2004, Red Cars Go Faster)
Funeral Diner VS Welcome the Plague Year (2004, Electric Human Project)
Funeral Diner VS Evylock split (2004/2005, Somberlain)
THE UNDERDARK (2005, Alone)
"We Become Buried"
"It Is Good That We Never Met"
"Two Houses"
"What Was Said"
"Regardless We Fall"
"We All Have Blood On Our Hands"
TOUR DEMO (2006)
I Was The Sword
Two More
DOORS OPEN (2007, Adagio830)
This Wrath
Carved From Stone
Neither Option
Head Of Vecna
This Optimism
Funeral Diner VS Ampere split (2007, Clean Plate/Electric Human Project)

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