Orgin Gävle/Stockholm
Genres Grindcore / Death Metal / Hardcore
Years Active 1997 - Present
Country of origin Sweden
Labels Relapse Records
Associated Acts Phobia
Official website

Gadget's roots can be traced back to 1997, at which time the band - hailing from Gävle, Sweden - existed as a metalcore act. They recorded one demo and disbanded in '98. After playing in two other bands, William Blackmon was fed up with making "popular" and shallow music and thus formed the second coming of Gadget. He began it as a solo grind act but soon had a full band, who signed to Relapse.


Emil Englund - vocals
Fredrik Nygren - bass
Rikard Olsson - guitar
William Blackmon - drums, guitar, vocals


Remote (2004)
The Funeral March (2006)
Gadget VS Phobia split (2010)

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