Orgin Watford, Hertfordshire
Genres Punk
Years Active 2005 - Present
Country of origin United Kingdom
Labels VENN Records, Bridge 9 Records, Halfcut Records
Associated Acts Carnival Kids, Hoax
Official website

Gallows are a hardcore punk band from Watford and Hemel Hempstead, England. The band was formed in 2005 after the disbandment of founding member Laurent Barnard's previous band, My Dad Joe. Gallows' debut album, Orchestra of Wolves, was distributed in the United States by Epitaph Records, and they were subsequently signed to Warner Bros. Records for a £1 million album contract with up to three options, a deal they were infamously dropped from after one album, Grey Britain. The band has been partticularly successful in their native country, with three songs charting on the UK Single Charts, and have been featured in magazines such as Kerrang!, Alternative Press and Rolling Stone.


Wade MacNeil (vocals)
Laurent Barnard (guitars/keys/vocals)
Steph Carter (guitars/vocals)
Stu Gili-Ross (bass)
Lee Barratt (drums)


Demo (2005)
Orchestra of Wolves (2007, Epitaph)
Grey Britain (2009, Warner)
Death Is Birth (2011, Thirty Days of Night Records)

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