Orgin Melbourne
Genres Punk/Hardcore
Years Active 1985 - 1988
Country of origin Australia
Labels Hardcore House, Reactor Tapes, Reactor Records, Cleopatra Records, Sound Mind Records, Flipside Records, Sick Records, Over The Top Records, Double A Records
Associated Acts Depression
Official website

'The early Gash material is often revered as some of the best female-fronted hardcore/punk not only in Australia, but very much throughout the world'



  • Demo (1985)
  • S/T LP (1986)
  • God Is Dead (1986)
  • Split w/Compos Mentis (1986)
  • Split w/Depression (1986)
  • Apathy…Never! Compilation (1986)
  • S/T EP (1986)
  • Positive Change (1987)
  • Oversea Connection Compilation (1987)
  • The Not So Lucky Country Compilation (1988)
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