Orgin Mururoa
Genres Cacophonic Hardcore/Crust
Years Active 2012 - Present
Country of origin Italy
Associated Acts Charles Sbronzon, 66 Posse, Loveblast, Weeping Willow, La Fortuna di Nashira, Pharmaceutical Experiment, Rum-Ore, Enkymosis, ATP, Snowbiz, P.F.F., Rum-Ore, Enkymosis, ATP, Nido di Vespe, Alfatec, Colla Anale
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Geberit were born in June 2012 from three friends who just wanted to drink a shitload of alcohool and make some fucking noise. The suicidal and depressive bass player wants to find some remedy for his killer sore throat. These guys have played with Kennel and Sposa in Alto Mare so you'd better watch out unless they will rape you in the eyes. They are named after the famous German brand of toilet manufacture, Geberit. Singer Piero is secretly planning to remix their most famous songs "Dritti al Cuore, Dritti al Vino" and "Nessuno Risparmia Nessuno" with dubstep sounds.


L'Uomo Bagno : Microfono & Cavatappi
Sleezy Strings : Chitarra & Ciuffo
Il Prando : Basso & Rassegnazione
Antonio : Batteria & Strusometro

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