Global Holocaust
Global Holocaust
Orgin Montreal, Quebec
Genres Punk, Crust, Metal, Hardcore
Years Active 1989-Present (Currently on hiatus)
Country of origin Canada
Labels Tobacco Shit, Beer City, Rotten To The Core, Outrageous Defecation, Unrest
Associated Acts Hellbound, Urban Trash, Oppressed Conscience, Disjoncion, Prejudice
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The band started in late '89, at this time the line-up was the same except had Jean-Rene on guitar. The first real gig happened in August 92 in MTL (Jailhouse Rock Cafe) with a local heavy metal band called darkning mass. After the band toured a little around MTL (South Shore, St-Hyacinthe with Human Greed and Barf, Lachute, Rawdon, etc….) Global Holocaust had a metal hardcore-punk influence at this time; until 94-95 when we met Pier from Fleas and Lice(Neth.). The band was already partying but now it was gettin extreme . The band toured around eastern Canada with them and State of Fear, Toronto, Quebec City, Sherbrooke. Then their friends Hiatus showed up and had no choice but to delire avec eux. Their sound evolved at this time in a more aggressive way, lyrics and toughs radicalized. The band played their last show on Kuly 15 1996 in MTL but the gig was shut down by cops and the main street St-Lawrence Boul. got crashed. The band already had to hide theirreal identity to book a show, and now they were banned indefinitely from MTL. GH started back at the end of 2004. The band has since gotten a new guitarist named Yan.

Current Members

  • Yan - Guitar
  • Fred - Vocals
  • Paul - Guitar
  • Chris - Bass
  • Simon ParĂ© - Drums

Former members

  • Jean-Rene - guitar (1989-1994)
  • Jasmin - guitar (1992-2006)



  • No More
  • Split w/ Fierce
  • Split w/ Oppressed Conscience
  • Split w/ Obnoxious Race
  • Human Mistakes
  • Split w/ Urban Trash
  • Split w/ Dehumanized Earth
  • Split w/ Massgrave
  • Unequal Justice

Compilation Apperances

  • Proliferation!! 7"ep
  • Fooling With Pain 7"ep
  • Violent Core Attack 7"ep
  • Speed Freaks 3 7"ep
  • Nightmare Reality #5 Cassette
  • Not Without A Fight 2XCD
  • Hymns For The Hearing Impaired CD
  • Rudi Rat Vol. 6 2XCD
  • Chaos Core II CD
  • Tapes Are Still Cool!! Cassette
  • Violent Core Attack 2 7"ep
  • A Will To Extinction 7"ep

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