Orgin Athens, GA, USA
Genres powerviolence/thrash/grind
Years Active 2010 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Diy or die, Visceral circuitry
Associated Acts Diseksa
Official website

Gripe started out as a 3 piece hardcore band heavily influenced by grindcore, powerviolence, crust and only the fastest 80's hardcore acts such as deep wound, siege, void, etc.They have now added a bassist and a new singer and forged ahead with a genre defying hate ridden take on grind and pv. They originally formed in late 2010 in Athens Ga, in stark contrast to the happy go lucky pop friendly scene at the time. Gripe play a very heavy, dark, and discordant take on hardcore. Their lyrics tend to focus on negativity, oppression, Life in Poverty, and dystopian future concepts. They released a 10 song demo in 2011 titled "The Future Doesn't Need You" it was 10 songs of raw protest against car company budget grind and slick stadium crust over saturation.They have since added a bassist and a new singer. There follow up "Pig Servant" expanded on the sound without compromising any rawness or brutality.They are known for their live show intensity.


Brandon,tom,Jordan, Spencer


The Future Doesn't Need You (2011)
Officer Down (2011)
Pig Servant (2011)
Gripe VS Diseksa Indefinite Detention split (2012)

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