Heaven In Her Arms
Heaven In Her Arms
Orgin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Screamo/post hardcore
Years Active 2006-Present
Country of origin Japan
Labels Sonzai Records, Denovali Records
Associated Acts Aussitot Mort
Official website http://heaveninherarms.com/

Every Heaven In Her Arms creation reflects our will.We want to indicate our own existence. We want to have commitment for our own creation. We are imperfect existence. We are searching for the vision as a group. We hope we can understand each other.


Kent (Guitar, Voice)
Takayuki (Guitar)
Katsuta (Guitar)
Kentaro (Bass)
Rocky (Drums)


Heaven In Her Arms EP (2006)
Erosion Of The Black Speckle (2008)
Heaven In Her Arms (2008)
Duplex-Coated Obstruction (2009)
Paraselene (2010)
Heaven In Her Arms VS Aussitot Mort split (2011)

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