Orgin Kentucky
Genres Hardcore Punk, Thrashcore, Power Violence, Grindcore
Years Active 1988-2010
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Sound Pollution, Spiral Objective, Slap-a-Ham, Laja, Slightly Fast, 2+2=5, Luna, Six Weeks
Associated Acts Brody's Militia, Jacked Up Zeros
Official website The group has disbanded and appearently there isn't any web material on the Web

Hellnation was an extreme hardcore punk band from Kentucky. They formed in 1988. They played thrashcore, power violence and grindcore. Hellnation had numerous tours of the United States, Japan, Brazil and Europe. They would incorporate punk rock guitar riffs played at hyper speed, copious amounts of distortion and angry, profanity-laden lyrics. Members of Hellnation also play in Brody's Militia and Jacked Up Zeros. They broke up in January 2010.


Albert - drums & lead vocals
Ken - guitar & vocals
Doug - bass & vocals


People's Temple (Sound Pollution, 1990)
Suppression (Sound Pollution, 1991)
Colonized (Sound Pollution, 1993)
Aussie (Spiral Objective, 1994)
Control (Sound Pollution, 1994)
A Sound Like Shit (Sound Pollution, 1996)
Hellnation VS Real Reggae split (Slightly Fast, 1996)
Hellnation VS CFUDL split (Sound Pollution, 1996)
Hellnation VS Sink split (Sound Pollution, 1997)
At War With Emo (Slap-a-Ham, 1997)
Your Chaos Days Are Numbered (Sound Pollution, 1998)
Thrash Or Die (1998)
Fucked Up Mess (Sound Pollution, 1999/Laja, 2001)
Cheerleaders for Imperialism (Slap-a-Ham, 2000)
Hellnation VS Merda split (2+2=5/Luna)
Thrashwave (Sound Pollution, 2002/Laja, 2002)
Dynamite Up Your Ass (Sound Pollution, 2002/Laja, 2004)
Hellnation VS Capitalist Casualties split (Sound Pollution/Six Weeks, 2008)

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