Hero Destroyed
Hero Destroyed
Orgin Pittsburgh, PA
Genres Metal / Hardcore
Years Active 1998 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Relapse Records
Associated Acts Bloodclot, Pro-Pain, Commit Suicide, Don Caballero
Official website http://herodestroyed.bandcamp.com/

The core of Hero Destroyed came together in 1998 when Zach Moore and AJ Falcione formed a local Pittsburgh metal band. By 2005, after playing the local circuit for several years, the band reemerged as Hero Destroyed with Zach (guitars), Dustin Newman (bass), Jeff Turko (guitar), AJ (drums), and Pat McNicholas (vocals).

Hero Destroyed spent their time writing new material and playing shows in the local Northeast. By late 2006, the band made their first real recording with Bloodclot / ProPain guitarist Eric Klinger at Klinger Studios in Pittsburgh.

Hero Destroyed issued the recording as a self-titled CD in October ‘07, and Neal Andrus (Guitarist - Commit Suicide) joined the ranks on drums. They continued to play shows in their native Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, supporting bands as varied as Jucifer, Sworn Enemy, and more as word surrounding their debut began to get out.

In winter 2007, members of Don Caballero tipped Relapse to the band and forwarded along the self-titled CD, urging for a listen. Relapse worked out an arrangement to give the self-titled CD a proper international release while the band writes their first full-length (coming in 2009). Reminiscent of the debuts of label-mates Burnt By the Sun and Mastodon, Hero Destroyed are the perfect addition to Relapse’s long running history of bands light on pretension and rich with punishingly technical chops.

Arguably the Steel City’s finest modern metal export this side of the 21st Century, the band’s mechanistic, low-end crunch impacts with the subtlety of a wrecking ball. Relapse will issue ‘Hero Destroyed’ on July 8th in North America, July 14th internationally.


Zach Moore - guitar
Dustin Newman - bass
Jeff Turko - guitar
Pat McNicholas - vocals
Neal Andrus – drums


Hero Destroyed (2007)
Throes (2010)

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