Orgin New York
Genres Melodic Hardcore, Noisecore
Years Active 1998-2005
Country of origin United States of America
Labels G7 Welcoming Committee Records
Associated Acts Agnostic Front, Born Against, BURN
Official website http://www.g7welcomingcommittee.com/bands/hiretsukan.php

Hiretsukan are as far from your typical New York hardcore band as they could be. Lyrically delving passionately into subject matter ranging from the personal to the highly charged political, and musically described as "absolutely raging, dissonant, melodic hardcore", "jaw-dropping, melodic noisecore", and "a potent blend of manic, martial drumming and heavy, depressive-sounding walls of guitar" this band just plain fucking rips.

Hiretsukan formed just outside of Washington, D.C. in 1998, and in the following years, toured around and recorded their "Brown Bag" demo. After a few volatile years which saw several collective moves and incarnations, the group solidified its line-up and relocated to New York City.

In early 2002, the quartet went into the studio with legendary producer Don Fury (Agnostic Front, Born Against, and BURN to name a few) and recorded their 7 song EP,"Invasive//Exotic". The CD EP was released on G7 Welcoming Committee Records that May, and garnered widespread critical acclaim. Its release was followed by a successful five week North American tour. The band broke up later that year, only to reform in late 2003 after much begging by G7 for them to resume the unbridled cyclone of thrashing fury that had pummelled the G7 collective the previous summer at the Royal Albert Arms in Winnipeg.

End States, Hiretsukan's first full length, is due out in July of 2005.


Michelle Proffit (vocals), Dave Sanders (guitar, backing vocals), Derek Wimble (bass), Justin Williams (drums).


Brown Bag (1998)
Invasive//Exotic (G7 Welcoming Committee Records, 2002)
End States (G7 Welcoming Committee Records, 2005)

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