Orgin San Diego, California
Genres Noisy Hardcore
Years Active 1988-1994
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Industry
Associated Acts Reach Out
Official website {$site}

Honeywell. The band that is by most people considered to be the "inventors" of "Screamo". The band themselves just called it "noisy hardcore" with the vocalist trying to scream like a girl on top of it. This is allegedly how Screamo was born. Anyway, Honeywell started out in 1988 in San Diego, California and released one LP, one EP and one split EP with Reach Out before they eventually called it quits in 1994. There was however more material to be released as Monotone Supersounds released an EP called Electric Kool Aid a year after the demise of the band. But Honeywell should not just be known as the "first screamo band", they were one of the best to ever exist. If not the best.


The Phantom Racer Club Cassette No. 1
Honeywell (1992)
Live @ KSPC Radio (1992)
Honeywell VS Reach Out split (1993)
Honeywell (Industry, 1993)
Electric Kool Aid (1995)

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