Orgin Washington DC
Genres Post Hardcore
Years Active 1992-1994
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Dischord, Slowdime, Art Monk Costruction
Associated Acts Lincoln
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One of the most 'great bands of the "historic" Dischord catalog, along with Jawbox, Nation of Ulysses, Soul side (as well as Fugazi and Rites of spring). Many music critics have approached them especially for a fact, indeed a character, that Frederick erskine which then would "luck" (with its bass lines, and sometimes the voice of the trumpet) in June of 44. Few, however, 'have failed to pay him the righteous merits, since The lurid traversal of route 7 (1994) is how much more' inspired posthc has never given birth, both at the level of synthesis of both sophistication and psychedelic POST, both of actual achievements. Fundamental for the evolution of the lodging postfugazian, gave birth to two beautiful plates, lurid … The memo and the ep posthumously (Hoover 1997, which also contains the Breather Resist present in the comp. All president's men). Our saw the light in Washington DC in 1992 and disbanded in 1994. Also recover from the split with Lincoln (another pearl of the time) Two-headed coin of 1993. Since their break-up they had light bands like Crownhate Ruin, Watts Regulator, June of 44.
In their sound blend perfectly fugazian driving lines, screamo hints, dub drives, psychedelic elements and almost postrock. 3 different singers for three different atmospheres (Alex dunham, Frederick Erskine and Joseph mcredmond).


Alex Dunham-Voice, Guitar
Frederick Erskine-Voice, Bass
Joseph McRedmond-Voice+Drums


The Lurid Traversal of Route 7 (1994,Dischord)
Hoover (1997,Slowdime)
Side car freddie/Cable (1992)
Two-headed coin Hoover VS Lincoln split (1993,Art monk construction)
Private (1993)

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