Hot Cross

Hot Cross was a hardcore band from Philadelphia. They were signed to Hope Division Records / Equal Vision Records. The band was composed of former members of such bands as Saetia (vocalist Billy Werner and drummer Greg Drudy, who was also a founding member and the original drummer of post-punkers Interpol, Off Minor (bassist/guitarist Matt Smith), You and I (guitarist Casey Boland), Neil Perry, The Now and Joshua Fit For Battle (bassist/guitarist Josh Jakubowski). Their songs are composed of intricate (and in the beginning of their career, dueling) guitars heavily influenced byDrive Like Jehu.



  • A New Set of Lungs (2001)
  • Fair Trades & Farewells (2004)
  • Hot Cross/Holy Shroud Split (2004)
  • Split with Light the Fuse and Run
  • Split with Lickgoldensky
  • Cryonics (2003)
  • Risk Revival (2007)
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