Hour Of The Star
Hour Of The Star
Orgin New Jersey
Genres Emo
Years Active 1997
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Track Star Records
Associated Acts Her Grey Heart, You And I, Instill, Unanswered, The Sebastian Coe
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Hour of the Star formed out of the ashes of the vegan, straight edge band Her Grey Earth. But unlike Her Grey Earth, Hour of the Star was built on the emo icons that came before them. Influenced by bands such as Indian Summer, Moss Icon, Current, Navio Forge, Native Nod and many others, the boys of Hour of the Star took that sound and feel and added their own spin to it. The screamo feel with a pop edge put Hour of the Star on the maps, a small dot only, but on the maps none the less. The band was short lived as Steve and Jaime opted to head off for greener pastures. Bryan, Jeff and Josh decided to call it quits with Bryan and Jeff going off to form a band with members of You and I/Instill and Unaswered. The Sebastian Coe never recaptured the same emotion and friendship that Hour of the Star did.




Hour Of The Star (1997, Track Star Records)

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