Orgin London
Genres Metal, Hardcore
Years Active 2005 - Present
Country of origin United Kingdom
Labels Hotvox
Associated Acts Brutal Truth, Inhumate, Infestation, Desecration
Official website http://www.hotvox.co.uk/artists/hovadah

Hovadah got together sometime around the end of 2005 in London. In the beginning it was only Tomas and Dali getting together and jamming in rehearsing studios. It didn?t take too long and new material was ready. To make the band complete they had to find a bass player. I must say that wasn't easy in 10 million people town London .They had few bassists until Fanas came along in spring 2007. Shortly after him Duro joined Hovadah on vocals. Each band member brought a different music ideas so the music was going sort of old school grind/hardcore/death metal. Finally with full line up they recorded Demo "Eyes reveal" in August 2007. With demo in their hands, the band was ready to hit the stages. From the autumn 2007 they become regular players in London venues and clubs. They supported acts to name just few, Brutal Truth, Inhumate, Infestation, Desecration and more. They take part on Grindethic records compilation with ?Red orange green ? song. Sometime in the begging of 2008, Duro is leaving the country so for long distance it's impossible for him and the band to continue to work together. Hovadah became three piece and getting ready for another CD. End of June 2009, Hovadah finally finished their new CD called 'Wrath', including 16 new songs. With different guitar tuning the music refers to Swedish sound with upgraded speed. Soon after they finished the CD, they met guy called P.J. who soon after joined the band as a second guitarist helping out with the vocals as well.


P.J.-Guitar, Vocals


Eyes Reveal (2007)
Wrath (2009)

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