I Hate Myself
I Hate Myself
Orgin Gainesville, Florida
Genres Emo, screamo, post-hardcore
Years Active 1996
Country of origin United States of America
Labels No Idea Records, Fragile Records
Associated Acts Twelve Hour Turn, Strike Force Diabolic
Official website http://www.noidearecords.com/bands/ihatemyself.php

I Hate Myself was an emo band formed by Jon and Jim Marburger in Gainesville, Florida during 1996. I Hate Myself are influenced by post punk and indie.


Jim Marburger — lead vocals, guitars
Jon Marburger — drums, percussion, backing vocals, bass
Steve Jin — bass, backing vocals


4 Songs (No Idea Records, 1997)
10 Songs (No Idea Records, 1997)
I Hate Myself VS Twelve Hour Turn split (No Idea Records, 1998)
I Hate Myself VS Strike Force Diabolic split (Fragile Records, 1998)
2 Songs (No Idea Records, 2000)
10 Songs (No Idea Records, 2000)
3 Songs (No Idea Records, 2005)
15 Songs (No Idea Records, TBA) (Scheduled to be released April 2005, said to collect all tracks not found on the Ten Songs CD. No word on an actual release date.)

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