I Pilot Dæmon
I Pilot Dæmon
Orgin Toulouse
Genres random
Years Active 2007 - 2010
Country of origin France
Labels Lacrymal Records, Distorted Charly Brown, Heck Spoiler Music, Ruin Your Fun
Associated Acts Montreal On Fire, Arty Saaad, Anything But Yours, Neofluxx, Time To Burn
Official website http://www.antiheroes-collective.com/artists/i-pilot-daemon

The Toulousains of I Pilot Dæmon are, most of all, well-known for cleaning up the concert halls. Romain, the lead singer, sweats, spits, drags himself on the floor, and leaves behind him a clean room. His past, as a dyslexic, gives him not only that phrasing-spitting feature, but also allows the audience to shower. Which is quiet cool.

He therefore, rants the public like an intoxicated kid rowing on rock’n’roll, and according to their saying… it reminds you of your condition as a vertebrate doing riffs on « minerve ». Which means, hitting the guitar like shovels that dig a whole through your neck. You dance, you scream, and pretty soon you will suffer. But it will pass. They pretend they want to do music that would be possible to play under any possible state. Listening to them reminds us of Botch, of Refused, of Will Haven, of hardcore, of rock, of stoner… but as a matter of fact we would be silly to think about all of the above. Besides, it would suck. So let’s stop here.

Their first LP In 2007, « Happily Depressed » is released on Lacrymal Records, which is followed, the same year, by a split in company of the Germans of Anything But Yours. From then on, French and European tours will follow, where they visit the most disgusting places in Belgium, in Germany, the Czech Republic, in Spain and in Switzerland. They will learn the facts of life, sleeping in abandoned houses, in ventilated rooms during the winter time, meeting the wild crowd of hippies and Strip-Tease characters. And where everyone will catch a disease.

To make it short and sweet, everything is according to the rules.

However, a year later, they take a pause.

Taking advantage of this hiatus, Romain creates the groups Montreal On Fire and Jin Baker. Then, one day, while testing the sound on his webcam, he discovers a new world : An ambiant mess which will become his project arty Saåad.

Baptiste, the drummer, becomes part of the big family of vodka drinkers, aka « the electrik scene, with his project Neofluxx. Composing titanic music with his Yule log fingers, making him a star for drug addicts thrashing the dancefloors. If only he would decide to take care of his publicity.

On the other side, Sylvain, the guitarist/producer, chooses the easiest path for a guy that is bored : he becomes a dad.

While, Sébastien, the bassist, who became a big Toulousain star by being the local jackass during his childhood decides not to grow up by creating an electro-pop group for romantic teenagers. Which by the way… does not have a name.

But, the next thing you know, they announced the release of their first album in October 2010, "Come What May". Within the album, they promise huge gimmicks, southern filth, bottleneck gigs and darkness that will make you go pale. It’s with a great sense of logic that they will tour this fall in Scandinavia with Time to Burn. As cleanse other territories. And catch new diseases. It’s a passion amongst others.

Jerôme Loisy


Baptiste Rocacher (drums)
Sebastien Veronese (bass)
Silvin Suquet (guitar)
Romain Barbot (vocals)


Happily Depressed (2007, Lacrymal Records/Distorted Charly Brown Records)
The Lighthouse Is In Our Back I Pilot Daemon VS Anything But Yours split (2007, Heck Spoiler Music/Lacrymal Records)
Come What May (2010, Heck Spoiler Music/Ruin Your Fun/Lacrymal Records)

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