In First Person

Featuring members of You and I, A Petal Fallen and The Assistant, In First Person were a fairly technical screamo band, notable for having three vocalists that often sung/shouted/screamed at the same time. with vocals and guitars all over the place, In First Person have an extremely chaotic and explosive sound. But there’s also something extremely controlled and well-planned about these songs. In First Person have a precisely layered sound, much comparable to the You and I album, though with a heavier backbone making their sound comparable to Pg.99. This is their discography, consisting of a full length album named Lost Between Hands Held Tight, which was out on Paramnesia Records, though sold out probably years ago. In addition to this album are two splits. one with Storm the Bastille and one with the Canadian band Titan. There are a total of twelve tracks, and it clocks in at 42:22. That’s forty-two minutes of dark and heavy modern screamo/hardcore. Where early/mid ’90s screamo often was extremely chaotic, even comparable to noise music at times, this modern approach to the genre is more often metallic and dark. Everything from Orchid to Quiritatio reflects this. The first mentioned with grindcore sympathies, the second with their epic crescendos and sludge-tinge. In First Person are also by all means a modern “screamo” band. Combining metal, hardcore and screamo into a grand sound that’s at times chaotic, but mostly it feels like it’s very thoughtfully and carefully composed. There’s just so much stuff going on in these songs, that it can hardly be chance that makes it all come together so consistently and thoroughly. In First Person plays calculated and perfected music. They are though by no means robots. In fact, they sound like they are throwing every piece of themselves into each and every song, with misanthropic lyrics. So if you like modern “screamo”, get this.


Lost Between Hands Held Tight (Paramnesia Records)
In First Person VS Storm the Bastille split
In First Person VS Titan split

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