In Humanity
Orgin Columbia, South Carolina
Genres Powerviolence
Years Active 1991-1998
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Passive Fist Records, Prank Records, HG Fact Records, Stereonucleosis Records, Raging Rose Records, Coalition Records, Old Glory Records
Associated Acts Premonition, Half Life, Bonescratch, Guyana Punch Line, Black Merinos, Tarot Bolero, Welfare
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In/Humanity was a Powerviolence band from Columbia, South Carolina.


Chris Bickel - vocals
Paul Swanson - guitar
Will Zaledeski - bass
Ben Roth - drums
Marty Britain - drums
Danny Chumley - bass


Intolerable (1993 Stereonucleosis Records)
In/Humanity VS Premonition split (1993 Stereonucleosis Records/Passive Fist Records)
In/Humanity VS Half Life split (1994 HG Fact Records)
Gets Killed by Robots (1994 Raging Rose Records)
Rehearse for the Apocalypse In/Humanity VS Damad split (1995 Passive Fist Records)
The Nutty Antichrist (1996 Passive Fist Records)
In/Humanity VS Bonescratch split (1996 HG Fact Records)
The History Behind the Mystery (1997 Prank Records/HG Fact Records)
Your Future Lies Smoldering at the Feet of the Robots (1997 Stereonucleosis Records/Coalition Records/Prank Records)
Occultonomy (1998 Old Glory Records)

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