Indian Taker
Indian Taker
Orgin Modesto, California
Genres Punk Rock
Years Active 2011 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Quote Your Pulse Records, Enjoyment Records, Guys With Beards Records
Associated Acts Shortcuts, Coastwar, Rookie Town, Casket
Official website

Friends from Modesto, California started in October 2011.
- Released Debut EP "Tule Fog" in February, 2012.
- Northwest Tour with Coastwar in June, 2012.
- Southwest Tour with Rookie Town in December, 2012.
- Split 7" with Shortcuts released by Quote Your Pulse Records in January, 2013.
- Northwest Tour with Casket in March, 2013


Chris Avalos - Guitar
Celso Carrasco - Guitar
Nick Diamante - Drums
Evan Santa Elena - Bass


Tule Fog (2012, Quote Your Pulse Records)
Indian Taker VS Shortcuts split (2013, Quote Your Pulse Records/Enjoyment Records/Guys With Beards Records)

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