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Origin Valencia, USA
Genres Powerviolence
Years active 1986–1996, 2012
Labels Slap-a-Ham Records
Deep Six Records

Infest is an influential American hardcore band, formed in September 1986 by Joe Denunzio, Matt Domino, Dave Ring and Chris Clift. They disbanded in 1996. In 2012 they announced that they will be playing both Maryland Deathfest and Chaos in Tejas.

Infest, while not coining the term "powerviolence", are pioneers of the style. The Los Angeles quartet blend the ethos, speed and song structure of straight edge hardcore, along with the aggression and anger of bands like Negative Approach, and Negative FX. Joe Denunzio’s vocals exhibit angst, with lyrical content about conformity, war, scene politics and socio-political issues, mostly delivered in an accusational assault.

Infest does however differ from their peers in their fervent political stance and imagery, often depicting the tragedies of war and poverty, countering the obligatory "band in action" album covers common to the era.

On July 1, 1991, Infest recorded a live set for the Los Angeles radio station KXLU. This session was later released by Deep Six Records who also released the No Man's Slave LP. The vocals on No Man's Slave were recorded post-breakup in 2000 and the LP was released later in 2002.

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  • Joe Denunzio - vocals
  • Matt Domino - guitar
  • Dave Ring - bass
  • Chris Clift - drums


  • Infest (demo, 1987)
  • Infest (EP, Off The Disk, 1988)
  • Slave (LP, Off The Disk, 1988)
  • Split 8" with Pissed Happy Children (1989)
  • Mankind (7", 1991)
  • KXLU Radioshow (12", 1992)

No Man's Slave (LP, 2002)

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