Jerome's Dream
Jerome's Dream
Orgin Connecticut
Genres Experimental rock, Post-hardcore, Screamo
Years Active 1997-2001
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Rice Control Records, Hit The Ground Running Records, Witching Hour Records, Old Glory Records, Clean Plate Records, Level Plane Records, Alone Records, Garbage Czar Records
Associated Acts Orchid, Wind-Up Bird, Best Inventions, Amalgamation, July, Book of Dead Names, Usurp Synapse, The Assistant, Neil Perry, Hassan I Sabbah, The One AM Radio
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Jeromes Dream was a screamo band from Connecticut. Singer Jeff Smith didn't use a microphone during live sets, he just screamed the crap out of his lungs unamplified. They played 10-minutes-long sets because Jeff thought such was the time necessary to get their point across. "Jeromes Dream cannot be described in words by any means. It is the sound of your id, your unconscious train of thought, battling with your consciousness. An introverted explosion. A dream." On their second full length, "Presents", Jeff talked and sang through an effect processor; they say Jeff made this choice because of vocal chord damage after long hours of repeated screams on stage. After Jeromes Dream, Jeff Smith formed the drone band Wind-Up Bird with Joseph Grimm. Erik Ratensperger now plays drums in the band Best Inventions and runs NYC streetwear label Mishka. Guitarist Nick Antonopoulos states that the band devised their name from the film Gattaca.


Jeff Smith - Bass/Vocals
Nick Antonopulous - Guitar
Erik Ratensperger - Drums


Jeromes Dream VS Amalgamation split (1998, Rice Control Records)
Jeromes Dream VS July split (1999, Hit The Ground Running Records)
Jeromes Dream VS Book of Dead Names split (1999, Witching Hour Records)
Seeing means more than safety (2000, Old Glory Records)
Jeromes Dream VS Orchid split (2000, Witching Hour Records)
Jeromes Dream VS Usurp Synapse split (2000, Clean Plate Records/Level Plane Records)
Presents (2000, Alone Records)
Jeromes Dream VS The One AM Radio split (2000, Garbage Czar Records)
Completed 1997 - 2001 - Discography (2005, Alone Records)

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