J.R. Ewing
J.R. Ewing
Orgin Oslo, Norway
Genres Hardcore Punk, Screamo
Years Active 1998-2006
Country of origin Norway
Labels Bachelor, Coalition Records, Dance Of Days Coalition, Dim Mak Records, Gold Standard Labs, Lilac Sky
Associated Acts This Machine Kills
Official website {$site}

The name JR Ewing is from the tv series «Dallas». They started up in 1998, and never had any intention of becoming as big as they did. They recorded a single that led to the following European tour. As the years went by, they achieved a certain degree of success, but in early 2006, they decided to call it a day, and the band split up.


Andreas Tylden – vocals
Erlend Mokkelbost – guitar, background vocals
Håkon Mella – guitar
Kenneth Lamond – drums
Petter Snekkestad – bass guitar, background vocals


Calling in Dead (2000)
The Singles Collected (2000)
The Perfect Drama (2002)
Ride Paranoia (2003)
Laughing With Daggers (2003)
Maelstrom (2005)
Fucking & Champagne (2005)

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