Kids Explode
Kids Explode
Orgin Berlin
Genres Emocore
Years Active 2006-2010
Country of origin Germany
Labels Narshardaa, Altin Village and Mine Records, Rome Plow Records, Asymmetrie Records
Associated Acts Shokei, Dialogues, End Of A Year, Solemn League, Falcon Five, Petethepiratesquid
Official website

We had formed in late 2004, and played a very last show on April 10th 2010 in Berlin. That makes a little more than 5 years. We toured with Shokei (twice), End Of A Year and Solemn League, and without the help of Shokei, none of this would have happened!!!


Kids Explode VS Shokei split (2006, Narshardaa/Altin Village and Mine Records)
Kids Explode VS Dialogues split (2006, Rome Plow Records)
Kids Explode VS End Of A Year split (2007, Narshardaa Records)
Kids Explode VS Solemn League split (2008, Asymmetrie Records)
Kids Explode VS Shokei VS Falcon Five VS Petethepiratesquid split (2008, Altin Village and Mine Records)

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