Killeur Calculateur
Killeur Calculateur
Orgin Kuala Lumpur
Genres Punk
Years Active 2006 - Present
Country of origin Malaysia
Labels Deaf at 22 Records, Quietstilldead Records, Emuzah Records, Communique Records
Associated Acts Space Gambus Experiment, Reset to Zilch, The Psalms, Damn Dirty Apes, Love/Comes, Muck, Akta Angkasa, This Is Atlantis
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Imagine, your calculator steps up and down, left to right, front and back. Then, your head hurts due to the sundry flux by your calculator. Your eyes dazzle your sights, your body starts to numb, like a scorpion's venom in your blood. You then monotonously can't breath well. You feel cold. Really cold. Ice creame cold. Like standing naked on a lonely road in the winter. By the time you want to look yourself in the mirror, you're dead. Dead like that "M -" key on your calculator.


Smek Almohdzar
Rafique Mokhtar
Ali Johan
Zamir Alif

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