Orgin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Screamo, Post-Rock
Years Active 2004-Present
Country of origin Japan
Labels Oto, Salvation Records
Associated Acts 3cm Tour, Black Line Fever, Cleaner, Umbra, Sora, Anthropic Disease, Heaven In Her Arms, Off Minor,
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Tokyo, Japan’s Killie play a chaotic screamo infused with post-rock elements, their lyrical content focuses on topics from capitalism and labor to scene politics. Killie formed in 2004 featuring 5 members from the bands 3cm Tour, Black Line Fever, Cleaner, Umbra, Sora and Anthropic Disease and members of the Oto label. Since their formation they have toured Japan extensively as tour support for Kaospilot in 2005, Ampere, La Quiete in 2007 and Off Minor in 2008.

Releases to date included: a Demo ep, CD ep commonly referred to as “Don’t want to escape from the underground”, 12” ep “The Opinion Of One In A Hundred Million will Not Reach Anyone” released by French label Salvation Records that was not exportable to Japan by request of the band, split CDr with heaven in her arms, split CD with Off Minor, and a experimental album with spoken word and noise tracks.


Want To Escape From The Underground, Don't Want To Escape From The Underground, Can't Escape From The Underground (2006)
Killie VS Heaven In Her Arms split (2007)
After All, The Opinion of One in a Hundred Million Will Not Reach Anyone (2007)
Offering A Sacrifice That Presents And Indicates Mournful Resentment Of Today (2008)
Killie VS Off Minor split (2008)

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