Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
Band Name
Orgin Peekskill, NY
Genres Cybergrind. Grindcore
Years Active 2001-present
Country of origin USA
Labels 37564 Recordings, Grindcore Karaoke, Brokecore
Associated Acts 0cadavernamedAlison0, Smile When You're Dead
Official website

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual was formed in 2001. Cory Monster was going to school in Philadelphia PA when he started the project.

He made a demo called “Nothing Good Can Ever Come From Staying With Normal People” and printed out several mini CDs.
It wasn’t until 2003 the first full length was released. Made using Fruity Loops 3, an Ibanez talman and a Voice Master halloween toy acquired from CVS, it ran 32 tracks, and then 10 more on a hidden EP (known as “if you’re jaime kill yourself”). This was followed by an EP, again burned on mini CDRs, called “Making House Party 2 Look Like House Party 3”.
During this time, Cory started to become acquainted with other e-grind musicians at the time. Adam Cooley of Scissor Shock said they should do a split, so they each made 3 songs and the first KHR/Scissor Shock split was released online. Cory also submitted a track to a Canadian DIY label called Slut Factory for a compilation. A split with Iron Bitchface and a 3rd band was planned.
In 2004, KHR had a new batch of songs, a bunch of songs from the demo and “kill yourself” rerecorded and some covers. Cory put them together and released “KHR are the most hated band in existence”. It was originally just going to be covers, and that’s why it was given that name.
A split with Bayi was made in 2005, and this was followed by KHR’s first full length on a label Awaiting the Video Game Crash, presented by Brokecore.
In 2007, Cory Monster officially began releasing music through a new DIY net label 37564 Recordings. This label issued the 3rd full length Myspace the Album.
In 2010, KHR released an EP called Fuck Capcom. This was passed on to Jay Randall, who rereleased it on his Grindcore Karaoke site in 2011. KHR’s next full length Because Reality Is Shit was also released on Grindcore Karaoke.



  • Cory Monster – vocals, guitars
  • DJ Ninja Schmoe- drum programming


  • the Abominable Lord Crappyman - vocals



  • Give Us Ice Cream Or Die – self-released 2003
  • KHR are the most hated band in the history of existence - self-released 2004
  • Awaiting the Video Game Crash – Brokecore 2005
  • Myspace the Album – 37564 Recordings 2007
  • Go! Go! Bukkakke X-Mas Gaiden – 37564 Recordings 2009
  • You Only Really Have Freedom of Speech When Nobody’s Listening(compilation) – 37564 Recordings 2010
  • Because Reality Is Shit - Grindcore Karaoke 2011
  • Awaiting the Video Game Crash (Reissue) - Brokecore 2013
  • That Awkward Moment Between Your Birth And Your Death - 37564 2013
  • Ugly World Order - 37564 2015


  • Making House Party 2 Look Like House Party 3 – self-released 2003
  • All Kids Love Spiked Bat – 37564 Recordings 2010
  • Myspace is Dead – TRASHFUCK.NET – 2011
  • Fuck Capcom – Grindcore Karaoke – 2011
  • Keep Calm And Await The Crash - Brokecore 2013
  • Fuck Konami - 37564 Rocordings 2016
  • Dwelling on the Past vol 1: Fuck Capcom and Konami - self-released 2018
  • Dwelling on the Past vol 2: X-Box Suicide Don't Do It - self-released 2018
  • It Doesn't Matter When You Think The Simpsons Should've Ended, It Just Should've Ended - 37564 Recordings 2019


  • split w/ Scissor Shock – self-released 2003
  • split w/ Bayi – self-released 2005
  • split w/Iron Bitchface & Drawinghorse – Slut Factory Records 2005
  • split w/Scissor Shock version 2.0 - Cacophonophilia 2005
  • Rangers and Riders split w/Automatized Cyborg Death - self-released 2006
  • Grind Theft Auto split w/Gozer - self-released 2006
  • split w/German War Tank - sefl-released 2006
  • split w/Turbo AC Slaters, Dr. Strangleglove and Craig T Nelson Experience-self-released 2006
  • split w/Scissor Shock version 3.0 (with Ara Severa)-Prolegomenon Redundancy Records 2007
  • split w/Cadaveric Sludge Dispenser Unit-37564 Recordings 2010
  • split w/Arseterror - 37564 Recordings 2010
  • split w/The Leviathan's Mandible and Panspermia - Torn Flesh Records 2011
  • X-Box Suicide/Holy Ghost Buttered Toast w/ Angry Norwegian - Grindcore Karaoke 2013
  • Kindergarten Hazing Ritual x Cedric's Lettuce - 37564 Recordings 2014
  • Big Trouble In Little Tokyo w/ 0cadavernamedAlison0 - 37564 Recordings 2014


  • Continuing the War on X-Mas (Because there will be nothing better to on that day because we're OLD) - 37564 Recordings 2012

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