Kite Flying Society
Kite Flying Society
Orgin San Diego, California
Genres Indie Pop
Years Active 2005-Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Sub Pop
Associated Acts Rogue Wave, Peter Yarrow, Peter Paul and Mary
Official website

Kite Flying Society is an indie pop band from San Diego, California. The band was born from demos recorded by Dustin Illingworth and Derek Rast who had met while studying at the University of California, San Diego. Their name was taken from one of Max Fischer's club titles in the Wes Anderson film Rushmore. On December 17, 2005, Kite Flying Society played its first show opening for Rogue Wave of Sub Pop Records. In the Summer of 2006 they released their debut album Where is the Glow? and won "Best New Artist" at the San Diego Music Awards[1] Also in 2006, Kite Flying Society acted as backing band for Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary fame. In October 2007 the song "If I Could Split" from Where is the Glow? was featured on the Second Season DVD of the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother.


Dustin Illingworth
Derek Rast
Kelly Duley
David Lizerbram
Todd Caschetta
John Martin


Where Is The Glow? (2006, Sub Pop)
The Aviary (2010)

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