Kvas + Ginevra + Isaak @ Be There or Be Square Night 13/10/2013

My dear friend Vanni Anguillesi, drummer in screamo band LAGUERRA, has been organizing extreme metal concerts every Sunday evening for two years, but I was never able to get there because I had school at 8 A.M. every day, but now I am at University and lessons start at 12 A.M. (on Monday), so that evening was extremely special for me. I met some of my best friends there and we enjoyed great music and had a good time together.
Doom Noise drum and guitar duo Kvas opened the show. The drummer and the guitar player (husband and wife respectively, that's so romantic!) both shared vocal duties. The guitarist Martina sang on an overall medium-low tonality, bursting every now and then into glass-brealking demonic shrieks which tore the human existence apart, showing a noticeable vocal versatility. The drummer Marco led a hypnotic mantra with low, haunting chants, slow, repetitive and dilated, reminiscent of occult rituals and meditation practices from the spiritualistic cults of the Eastern world. Slow, repetitive and hypnotic 4/4 doom, with loads of killer distortion and fuzz. Martina had some seven pedals whose effects she mixed together to create a huge wall of sound, substained by the hypnotic pounding of Marco. His ride cymbal was broken, and he also used an inverted and broken ride cymbal as a crash cymbal: this strategy provided a less aggressive sound to the drums, allowing for tinier tones and more oriental sounds. The aggressiveness was nevertheless provided by the extremely low frequencies of the bass drum.
After Kvas Ginevra went on stage. They were a weird-sounding Post-Metal four-piece which led us into an hallucinogenic trip with elaborate and aggressive sounds, alternating between the arpeggios of the clean guitar and the power chords of the distorted guitar. They shifted between the tempos of 4/4 and 6/8, and the drummer showed interesting accent displacements between the limbs, or keeping time on the 1 and the 3 of a 6/8 composite time (that really impressed me). The band knew how to pound, thrash and burn and how to make complex and intricate sounds simple and easy to listen. They were also able to land a great ballad, even if harsh and aggressive as their style commands. The vocal parts were extremely rare: one guitar player was involved into raging hardcore shouts à la Jamie Jasta of Hatebreed and Icepick fame, while the bass player handled the clean vocals and some kind of growl, even if less shouted than, say, brutal bands, sometimes landing into the doomish territory of Kvas with low and haunting evocations. That band was impressive, but was followed was a blast!
Vanni invited some dirty Stoner Rockers to Pisa! They were as fast and loud as Motorhead, as heavy and pounding as Kyuss! The drummer was literally murdering the kit, the bass frequencies shook up the whole club, it really seemed that it was going to explode! The guitar was so distorted it was almost scary and the singer was dancing and jumping all the time, I have never seen a frontman so histrionic! That guy has the moves like James Brown! They bursted through fast and heavy rockers and led to furious headbaning among the audience. From Geneva with fury!
I can't wait for next Sunday to come, some hard study will fill up the time pretty well!

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