Kvas Rum Ore Galassie Ciclabili I Tipi Metri Di Lettura Mr Want Trebor Noff Moka Lithio

Genetic Parade is a contest for underground bands, and that was the first time that took place in a beautiful forest near Parco della Pace in Pontasserchio. The winners, Trebor Noff, had a day of recording in Redroom Studios and two live dates with the guys from The Thing.
Kvas opened up the concert right during the afternoon, psych heavy doom and slow sludgy guitar vibratos together with pounding, repetitive and meditative drum rhythms and hypnotic vocals made their way into the mind and hearts of the listener. The guitar was so fuzzy that it made the amplifier growl, snarl and hiss for 20 neverending minutes.
Rum-Ore played brutal, unrelenting and fast as hell thrash/noise/grindcore, full of breakdowns, growls, screams and blastbeats. This band's nice guitarwork, pounding bass and crushing drum rhythms brought a load of lively positivity in the air.
Galassie Ciclabili are a political pop-rock band from Pisa, for fans of RHCP and Oasis. They preach morality, social awareness and a regular lifestyle. They execute their songs in an extremely precise and clean way, from toe-tapping "ballabili" to heart-touching "lenti".
I Tipi are a hip-hop band from Pisa, rather bling-bling with their hymns to partying and having a good time. They were fun and entertaining to listen to.
Mr. Want is a rapper from Romania who now lives in Pisa, he composes songs about the difficulties of life, and the dreams and possibilities of self-realization and making the world a better place. He really entertained the audience with his heartfelt stories and existentialist situations. His songs mostly focus on the positivity of close interpersonal relationships.
Trebor Noff are an atmospheric ambient post-jazz band who were such an intense experience to witness live: two guitars, one bass, one sax, astonishing odd-rhythms, jaw-dropping soundscapes and layers of sound and expression for the personalities of the players and the virtuosism of their instrument. Their music is both intimistic and expressive, self-reliant and open to the relationships with the audience and the suggestions of the moment. It is very easy for the mind to comprehend the theoretical aspect of such compositions that still retain this whole psychological subconscious aspect of inner and subliminal communication.
Moka are a rap duo, they too focus on the possibility of self-realization, coming from a difficult sociological environment to live in. Their compositions are heartfelt and touching, with that "I see things for the first time and I'm amazed" attitude which is typical of younger people.
Lithio are a rock band with Italian lyrics. Plain and easy. Well executed and precise rock/metal.
That was an overall nice evening, I met my best rummies and talked and joked all the time, the food and the beverages were very good. I also had a great espresso and a huge Morettone in a bar nearby!

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