Orgin Boston, Massachussetts, Southern New Hampshire, Bay Area, California
Genres Emo, Hardcore
Years Active 2005, Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Adagio830 Records, Slave Union Records, Electric Human Project, Narshardaa Records, Sleep Decay Tapes, Communication Is Not Words
Associated Acts Furnace, The Kidcrash
Official website http://lifebeerdrugssexdeath.blogspot.it/

A genuine and unique mixture of mid nineties emo and high energy hardcore with songs and lyrics influenced by our close friendships, life experiences, partying, fast times, bad habits and touring. There are four members: Derek - guitar/vocals, Adam “Mc Grape" - guitar, RJ - drums and John - bass. You can find us mostly hanging around in Boston, Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and even around the Bay Area in California.


Derek - guitar/vocals, Adam “Mc Grape" - guitar, RJ - drums, John - bass


L'Antietam (2005, Adagio830 Records)
We Like It When the Red Water Comes Out (2005, Slave Union Records)
L'Antietam VS Furnace split (2006, Electric Human Project)
Family (2006, Slave Union Records)
Arthur Carr (2007, Slave Union Records)
Heavy Nugs and Heavy Chugs L'Antietam VS The Kidcrash split (2008, Narshardaa Records)
Arthur Carr (2008, Sleep Decay Tapes)
Arthur Carr (2008, Slave Union Records)
Dark Brew (2013, Communication Is Not Words)
Rock Bottom (2013, Communication Is Not Words)

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