La Bella
La Bella
Orgin Los Angeles, California
Genres {$genres}
Years Active 2011 - Present
Country of origin USA
Labels Self Released, Sombras del Progreso
Associated Acts Badmouth, Calculator, Leer, Left Astray, Stresscase, Ten Thousand Leagues, Moxiebeat, Dangers
Official website

With member hailing from different areas of L.A.'s outlying cities, La Bella's sound reflects the member's disparate backgrounds. Instrumentation draws from a wide range of influence, including bossa nova and jazz. Lyrical content often deals with political militancy on topics that range from class conflict to environmentalism.

They have completed several tours:
Calfornia tour w/ Stresscase (2011)*
West Coast tour (2012)
Northwest tour (2012)*
U.S. tour (2013)*

*Fill in drummers were invited to complete these tours. In descending order they are: Jorge Herrera (Ruptures, Despise You), Nate Sonenfeld (Sloths), Eric Liewald (Burn Idols, Pinnacle).


  • Andy
  • Cameron
  • John
  • Daniel



  • Ides (2015)


  • S/T Demo (2011)
  • Live on 88.7 fm KSPC C/S (2011)
  • Recomposition 7" (2012)
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