Lack Of Interest
Lack of Interest
Orgin South California
Genres Powerviolence
Years Active 1993 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Relapse Records
Associated Acts Slave State, Spazz, Stapled Shut, Capitalist Casualties
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Now it's time for some good ole' So Cal Powerviolence from Lack Of Interest. Loaded with a whirlwind of distortion, rapid paced drums and tough-guy vocals, these guys are awesomely baddass! Formed back in the early 90's, Lack Of Interest has always been about the music and never about the money. These guys never want to headline shows, they just want to be included on some ill-ass bills. Good messages and damn good tunes. If you dig early powerviolence, don't miss these guys. They own! I believe members are now playing in a powerviolence supergroup called Low Threat Profile, which is amazing, so peep them too. I posted most of their releases below. They have an endless amount of compilation material, which a lot was featured in their full-lengths, so I didn't post 'em. Dig it. Dig it all. Dig it deep.


Lack of Interest VS Slave State split (1993)
Double Whammy Lack of Interest VS Spazz split (1997)
Lack of Interest VS Stapled Shut split (1997)
Trapped Inside (1999)
Never Back Down (2005)
Lack of Interest VS Capitalist Casualties split (2010)

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