Orgin Pisa
Genres Screamo, Hardcore
Years Active 2012 - Present
Country of origin Italy
Labels DIY
Associated Acts Miriam Mellerin, Watzlawick, SINKINGELEPHANT
Official website

LAGUERRA are a Screamo Hardcore band from Pisa. Their first EP is due out in early 2012. Daniele Serani sings but also plays guitar in Miriam Mellerin. Sometimes he works in Coop supermarkets. He often organizes concerts in Pisa. Andrea Del Bravo plays guitars without effects like grown up kids. He also plays country folk on the road. One day his fantastic record is due out. It fucking owns. He's also a working man. Francesco Caprai is a goddamn bad bass player. He used to play in some bands a thousand years ago. He has been the president of Musica Rovinata for one year. Right now he is not. He has a booking office called Neanderthal. Vanni Anguillesi smashes the drums. He also does it in Waztlawick. He also has a booking agency called WatchTower. They have written some songs. The longest lasts some 1.50 minutes. They have just recorded them. Meanwhile they will play around. A little. The concerts last 20 minutes. If they talk between songs. They opened a show for Italian hardcore legends Indigesti on April and played together with other bands such as Stella Maris Music Conspiracy and Jungle Fever. LAGUERRA disbanded in mid 2014.


  • Daniele Serani - voice
  • Andrea Del Bravo - guitar
  • Francesco Caprai - bass
  • Vanni Anguillesi - batteria



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