Los Crudos
Los Crudos
Orgin Pilsen, Chicago, United States of America
Genres Hardcore Punk
Years Active 1991-Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Lengua Armada, Ebullition Records, Flat Earth Records
Associated Acts Limp Wrist, I Attack, Charles Bronson, Punch in the Face, Mk-Ultra, Harto, Tragatelo, Huasipungo, Manumission
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Los Crudos was an American hardcore punk band from Chicago, Illinois that existed from 1991 to 1998. Being all Latinos, they paved the way for later Spanish-speaking punk bands and helped to increase the presence of Latinos in the predominantly white punk subculture. Los Crudos tended to focus a leftist political criticism towards issues affecting Latin America and the Latino community, such as U.S. imperialism, racism, xenophobia, and economic inequality.


Martin Sorrondeguy - vocals
José Casas - guitar
Juan Jimenez - bass
Ebro Virumbrales - drums


CD Discography - Compiles everything except their split 7" with MK- Ultra
Nunca Nada Cambia Los Crudos VS Huasipungo 7" split
Los Crudos VS Manumission 7" split
Los Crudos VS Mk-Ultra 7" split
7" La Rabia Nubla Nuestros Ojos…
7" Las Injusticias Caen Como Pesadillas
12" LP Canciones Para Liberar Nuestras Fronteras (Lengua Armada)
Los Crudos VS Spitboy (Ebullition Records)
12" LP discography 1991–1995 Los Primeros Gritos
12' LP Last Stand - A limited edition bootleg of the last Los Crudos show..
Los Crudos VS Reversal of Man 12" split

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