Louise Cyphre
Louise Cyphre
Orgin Bochum/Bremen/Hagen/Köln/Warschau, Germany
Genres Hardcore/Emo Violence
Years Active 2010-Present
Country of origin Germany
Labels React With Protest
Associated Acts La Quiete, Shikari, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra
Official website https://www.facebook.com/pages/Louise-Cyphre/358384896028?fref=ts

Louise Cyphre is an emo violence band from Germany. They combine raw, chaotic screamo with noisy hardcore to make a sound reminiscent of Orchid and Jeromes Dream. The band has released splits with bands such as La Quiete, Shikari and The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra. A Discography CD is available containing all their recorded material.

They have not broken up yet either.


benjamin, sven, dalle, marcel, & jan


Louise Cyphre VS La Quiete split
Louise Cyphre VS Shikari split
Louise Cyphre VS The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra split

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