Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Love Lost, LLBNF
Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Love Lost, LLBNF
Orgin St. Peters, Missouri
Genres Screamo, Emoviolence, Punk Metal, Hardcore
Years Active 1999-Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Happy Couples Never Last, Normal Records
Associated Acts End Over End, The Paxidils, Joshua Fit For Battle
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Performing brutal and savage punk metal and hardcore, Love Lost But Not Forgotten formed in 2000.
The band wrote several songs and released a self-titled album that year, followed by two years of cross-country touring. After performing shows with everyone from Godflesh to Converge, they took their clinical punk metal back to the studio. Recording Upon the Night, I Saw a New Misery, the group previewed a track on and saw the song get over 30,000 downloads in a three day period. The album came out in May of 2002, followed by a repressing of their out-of-print debut.


Lead guitar: Scott Fogelbach
Rhythm guitar: Jason Emerick, A.J. Doerhoff
Bass guitar: Chris Grady
Drums, backing vocals: Matt Prater
Singer: Nathan Prater, Mike Schmitz


Love Lost But Not Forgotten (1998)
Unfound EP (1999)
Love Lost But Not Forgotten VS Joshua Fit For Battle split (1999, Normal Records)
Love Lost But Not Forgotten (2000, Happy Couples Never Last)
Love Lost But Not Forgotten (2002)
Upon the Right, I Saw A New Misery (2002, Happy Couples Never Last)

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