Orgin Edmonton, AB
Genres Emotive Hardcore
Years Active 2011 - Present
Country of origin Canada
Labels A Moutain Far…, Dog Knights Productions, Bart Records, Forged In Iron, Clue#2 Records
Associated Acts Cope, Watcher, Book of Caverns, Jyoti, Pale Face, Hot Pursuit, Falsehood, Dysplasia, Rayleigh, The Morning After, Slowhand , Relentless Ben, Cygnus, Punch Out!, Todos Caeràn, Watcher, Angkor Wat, Gumilinski, Ostende, Silencio Ahora Silencio
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Emotive Hardcore heavily influenced by bands such as Yaphet Kotto, Kidcrash, Loma Prieta, La Quiete, Celeste, Orchid, Beach House, Joy Division, Converge, and Hiretsukan. We're also all about the many covers of "Alec Eiffel".


Corby Burnett - Vocals
Durell Smith - Drums
Mike Wagner - Guitar
Paul Maas - Guitar
Stacy Burnett - Bass


Mahria VS Todos Caeràn split (2011, Bart Records)
Mahria EP (2011, Bart Records/Forged In Iron)
Mahria VS Watcher split (2012, Clue #2 Records)
Mahria VS Angkor Wat VS Gumilinski VS Ostende VS Silencio Ahora Silencio split (2013, Ghosts and Demons Records)

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