Orgin Southern California
Genres Screamo, Noise, Hardcore
Years Active 1990-1995
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Witching Hour, Blood of the Young
Associated Acts Mohinder, Shaharazad, Yaphet Kotto, Welcome the Plague Year, Ruehaeda, Jenny Piccollo,
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Here's blast from mid-90s Southern California. Anyways, this band bears a strong resemblance to Honeywell. Same kind of manic over the top noisy approach with lungbursting vocals (the vocalist being female but sounding every bit as maniacally brutal as the dude from Honeywell, that is when her voice isn't buried in the sound), the difference between the two would be Makara's more technical drumming. James is/was a superb drummer in both this band and Mohinder. Members went on to Yaphet Kotto, Welcome to the Plague Year and Ruehaeda, and where also in coexisting bands such as Mohinder and Jenny Piccollo.


Broken Arrow
Makara VS Shaharazad split
Discography (2002, Blood of the Young)

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