Orgin United States of America
Genres Mathcore
Years Active 1999-2003
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Level Plane Records, The Electric Human Project, Happy Couples Never Last Records, One Day Savior Records, Redwood Records, Alone Records
Associated Acts Fable, Racebannon, Rep Seki
Official website

We were a band from the year 2000. Our rule ended the summer of 2003.


Demo(s) (1999)
Mara'akate VS Fable split (2000, HNCL Records)
Unreleased and Compilation (2000)
3-7-77 (2000, Redwood Recordings)
Mara'akate VS Racebannon split (2001, The Electric Human Project)
Mara'akate (2002)
Mara'akate VS Rep Seki split (2003)

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