Mass Movement Of The Moth
Mass Movement of the Moth
Orgin Washington DC // Fairfax VA // Richmond VA
Genres Indie, Post Punk, Post-Hardcore
Years Active 2004-2007
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Exotic Fever Records, Alone Records, Discem Direction Records, Goembessa, The Perpetual Motion Machine, The Electric Human Project, Pink Noise Records
Associated Acts Polar, The Catalyst, Sing! Sing! Sing! Prison
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For four years this band encompassed a group of friends sharing, exploring, questioning, and continuously breaking down our own personal arbitrary definitions of self expression, only learning to rely on each other to build onto our passions through the celestial medium of music. In doing so we were graced with so many friendly advocates, watchers from our community, that ultimately drove this passion and help create meaningful and enduring bonds that we are all still so fond of. We always wanted to offer all of creations to anyone who would listen.


Finally (2004)
Outerspace (2005, Exotic Fever Records, Alone Records)
Mass Movement of the Moth VS Polar split (2005, Discem Direction Records)
Funally (2005, Goembessa)
Two Thousand and Six Six Six Mass Movement of the Moth VS The Catalyst split (2006, The Perpetual Motion Machine, The Electric Human Project)
Mass Movement of the Moth VS Sing! Sing! Sing! Prison split (2006, Pink Noise Records)
Finale (2006, Alone Records)
Beyond (2007)

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