Maximillian Colby
Maximillian Colby
Orgin Harrisonburg, Virginia
Genres Emocore
Years Active 1990-2005
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Rent-A-Records, Old Glory Records, Nervous Wreck Kids, Lovitt Records
Associated Acts Rye Coalition, Shotmaker, City of Caterpillar, A Day in Black and White, Circle Takes the Square, Envy, Sleepytime Trio, Supine to Sit, Bats and Mice, Rah Bras
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Maximillian Colby was an Emocore band formed in the early 1990s in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Never reaching much popularity outside of Harrisonburg during their lifespan, they established a unique sound melding epic post-rock and punk, recognized years later by bands like City of Caterpillar, A Day in Black and White, Circle Takes the Square and Envy. The band never released a true full length CD or LP, only a few EPs, splits, and compilation features. Unfortunately, Maximillian Colby's time together was cut short with the sudden death of bassist Bob Baynor in 1995. Following this, the three remaining members went on to form Sleepytime Trio, Supine to Sit, Bats and Mice, and Rah Bras. A discography of their sixteen recorded songs can be found on Lovitt Records. Richmond punk band Avail named their 1996 album 4am Friday after the time and day they were informed of Bob Baynor's death. The song "F.C.A" off the album was written in his memory.


Dave Nesmith – Guitar/Vocals
Drew Ringo – Guitar/Vocals
Bob Baynor – Bass/Vocals
Tom Richards – Drums


Maximillian Colby VS Rye Coalition split (1994, Rent-A-Records)
Maximillian Colby (1994, Old Glory Records)
Maximillian Colby VS Shotmaker split (1995, Nervous Wreck Kids)
Discography (2002, Lovitt Records)

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